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How To Successfully Design A Home With Eclectic Style

As we begin a new decade, we look to our favorite interior design periods of the past for inspiration. So many interesting themes have come and gone, each with their own unique elements. Maybe you’re in awe of 17th century France or are captivated by the excitement of the Roaring 20s. Luckily, you don’t need a time machine to bring your favorite design period into modern day. If you find yourself gravitating toward a more eclectic style, here is how to successfully design a home that honors the past in the best way.

Pick One Key Decorating Style

You can be inspired by multiple interior design periods without forcing them to fight for attention. There should always be one dominant decorating style in the room. It’s completely acceptable for others to exist there as well — but they should play an obvious supporting role. There can only be one star of the show, after all. Pick one key decorating style and then tie in elements from your other favorite historical periods in a complementary way.

Add Character, Avoid Clutter

If your kitchen is covered in odds and ends, how will anyone appreciate your all wood cabinetry? You don’t want the character and personal touches to take away from the beauty of the room. Ensure balance by deciding which areas will remain empty in the room. When designing and decorating, assigning empty space is key. It allows your mind to be at ease with open areas and eliminates the need to fill in every square foot. Don’t just focus on what you’ll put where — but also where nothing will go at all.

Dining room with olive walls

Decide On A Color Scheme

A color scheme can provide some guarantee that your eclectic style won’t translate into chaos. Don’t think of it as a restriction but rather a way to beautifully unite all of your design inspiration. Color can be a great common denominator, especially when you are working with multiple different design periods. Decide on a few hues that will be present in your design — and then try to stay inside the lines.

WLC3-Sonoma Driftwood 6_ x 24_ Wood Look Tile

Tell Your Story With Texture

Colors and print can be very telling of which time period your design is inspired by. But there are other, more subtle ways to celebrate that era as well. Texture is a great way to showcase specific styles in a much more complementary way. Natural all wood cabinetry, smooth marble flooring, raw metal fixtures, and a fluffy accent rug are just a few of the many textures you can use to tell your design story. When you want to play around with your color scheme, experiment with different textures rather than trying to add new hues to the mix.

Create A Blank Canvas

When a room is full of interesting art, fixtures, and furniture, it is important that those elements are the center of attention. If your room is full of eye-catching pieces, most interior designers will recommend a more neutral backdrop. White custom cabinets, grey walls, and natural stone countertops are a few examples of beautiful yet understated ways to create a blank canvas and showcase your fabulous finds. Don’t let a loud rug or wallpaper take away from your well thought out design.


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