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How To Add A Touch Of Fall And Winter Warmth To Your TV Room

The nights are getting colder and all you want to do is get cozy on the couch with your favorite snacks and a holiday movie. Whether it’s Hocus Pocus in October or A Christmas Story in December, you’ll want your TV room to be movie night ready all fall and winter long. Add these touches to prepare your TV room for a season of binge watching.


10-18-19 WLC2-Midtown Walnut Shaker

Install an entertainment center so that every seat is a VIP seat. 

With custom cabinets, you can create the perfect entertainment center for your TV room. There will be no more fighting over the best seat in the house, because every seat will be the best seat. Custom cabinets can be fitted for your big screen television for perfect viewing throughout the entire room. Everyone will feel like a VIP when their seat is front and center.

Spark some inspiration for your TV room by browsing our selection of all wood cabinetry. From traditional walnut finishes to sleek modern grey cabinets, we have a style for every room and theme. Willow Lane Cabinetry also offers free room design services. Reach out to our team for support in picking the perfect all wood cabinetry for your TV room.


Upgrade your sofa for comfort and durability.

Just like with custom cabinets, you are able to create the dream sofa for your home. If you are looking for a specific color or dimensions, many retailers offer the option to personalize your purchase so that it is exactly what you want.

As far as comfort and durability, you want to choose a sofa that is both easy to lounge in and easy to keep clean. Deep seats tend to be more comfortable, as do couches and sofas made with plush down filling rather than polyester.

Leather and natural fabrics tend to look nicer, but some are more difficult to clean or require a little extra TLC. If you want a kid-friendly option, polyester fabrics are stain-resistant and durable. If you really love the look of leather but don’t want the maintenance, there are really good faux options out there that don’t require any upkeep.

Wicker basket with rolled blankets and pillow near beige sofa. Idea for interior design

Stock up on all the cold weather essentials.

Comfort is key when watching a good movie. During fall and winter, that means you’ll need blankets. Wool blankets tend to be the warmest, but some people find them itchy. Cotton fleece or cashmere are good alternatives. Both of these materials will keep you warm and are softer to the touch.

If you are someone who is always cold, consider investing in a heated blanket. This can be a game changer in winter months when you feel like nothing can warm you up. You’ll find cordless options that don’t even need to be plugged in. They use a rechargeable battery, so your blanket will stay warm wherever it goes.

Keep blankets in the drawers of your custom cabinets, or place them in a basket or storage ottoman for easy access. Who wants to run around the house looking for blankets right when your movie is getting to the good part?


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