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How To Make Tile Flooring A Fabulous Focal Point In Your Home

Look down, not up! Flooring might be the most overused and underappreciated element in your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it can’t stand out. Your tile flooring can most definitely be a focal point in your modern kitchen design with these tips. It’s time to take your floors from functional to fabulous.

Old is charming but sometimes new is just better. 

If your floors are simply outdated and overrun, replacing them may be all you really need. Encourage guests to look down (and then all around your kitchen) by installing new porcelain tile. You’d be surprised how new flooring can make your all wood cabinetry and other furnishings shine in a whole new way. That smooth, shimmering surface can make the entire room glow like never before.

Mix complementary styles to create an interesting design.

Flooring often falls short, but that’s not because it doesn’t have potential. We simply don’t realize all of the possibilities we have to make it a fabulous focal point. One truly unique way to optimize floors is to mix more than one style. By creating a visual dance from one pattern to another, all eyes will be captivated by your interesting floors.

When mixing tiles, there are some helpful rules to follow. First, think about scale. Mix small and large patterns together, rather than both small or both large styles. Next, stick to the same color. It’s much more complementary to mix two different patterns in the same color than two different colors in the same pattern. Lastly, choose either glossy or matte. While it’s possible to mix a glossy and matte tile, it is much more difficult than not.

Pick a pattern that is outside of the box but completely in style.

Consider a tile in a compelling pattern that you might have previously overlooked. Today’s materials have practically been engineered to perfection, which opens up so many doors for flooring. It used to be that only the most durable of materials could stand strong against kitchen traffic, but now you have the opportunity to indulge in your creative side with herringbone, hexagon, and basketweave patterns.

It’s often good to ask yourself, “Would I love this for a backsplash in a modern kitchen design?” It’s not uncommon to have preconceptions about what is flooring and what’s not. By allowing your mind to imagine this tile elsewhere, you are able to find a pattern you love — even if you’re not completely comfortable using it for flooring just yet.



Design an accent area highlighting your favorite part of the room.

You may have an accent wall in your TV room but have you ever explored the idea of accent flooring? When laying out your new tile design, consider creating an accent area to highlight one element of the room. Maybe it’s the beautiful all wood cabinetry of your kitchen island or your dining room table. You can make this element, as well as your floor, a focal point by creating a decorative trim or design using a different tile than the rest of the room.


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