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How To Decorate With Red The Right Way

Often, homeowners have a grand vision for the interior of their home but feel hesitant to take the plunge. Decorating with a bold color like red is definitely one of the top concerns. You see some dreamy room on Pinterest or in Better Homes & Gardens and think, “I’d love to bring that look into my home,” but you’re afraid it will be too overwhelming or over the top.

These feelings are understandable — but decorating with a vibrant hue is not an impossible feat. Whether you want to spice things up in your open concept kitchen or add a touch of romance to your master bath, these tips will help you decorate with red the right way.

Add an accent wall.

2-5-19 WLC2-Cristezza Club Glass Tile in Ruby Red

You might not be fully committed to the idea of a room with red walls — but how about one? Painting an accent wall in a bold color is a great way to incorporate an interesting shade without overpowering the room. In an open concept kitchen, this could also come in the form of a stunning red tile backsplash or a red finish on your solid wood cabinetry. Mixing and matching cabinets to create an accent wall is a modern approach that works well with a variety of kitchen styles.

Don’t underestimate the power of a shade.

Like most colors, red comes in many different shades. When decorating a home, especially with a bold color, it’s important to know that even the slightest variation in shade can facilitate a shift in mood. Before selecting which shade is the best fit for your walls, solid wood cabinetry or décor, take two things into consideration.

  1. The theme of the room. Primary red can add an excellent pop of color to a modern or contemporary room, but it might feel off with a traditional or country theme. The room’s theme and color palette will play a huge role in finding your perfect shade of red.
  1. How the color makes you feel. We encourage homeowners to take a color for a test drive before they sign the papers. Whether it’s a throw blanket on your couch or a fabric sample pinned to the wall, be sure to invite the color inside before making any final decisions. You might find that cherry red brings you joy while crimson induces anger or rage.

Let red highlight the room’s greatest attributes.

Modern bright interiors. 3D rendering illustration

Red is an eye-catching color, so it is often the first thing guests will see when they enter the room. Use décor like lamps, picture frames, or pottery to highlight the elements of the room that deserve the most attention. In your home, that might be your beautiful TV room cabinetry or the natural stone countertop on your kitchen island.

While red can help you highlight the room’s greatest attributes, it can also help you hide your not so favorite aspects. Use red décor to create a distraction from that old coffee table you’re eager to replace or the slew of small appliances you have lined up in your kitchen. If you’re still not ready to take the plunge, start small by adding a pop of red with throw pillows, art, or or an accent chair.

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