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Interior Design Tips For Adding Visual Warmth To A Cold Bathroom

It’s the middle of winter and your cozy bathroom suddenly reminds you of the chilly outdoors. Whether it’s a lack of color, cold tile, or an overall yearning for summer, you’ve decided it’s definitely time to heat things up. Read on to discover five interior design tips that will help you add visual warmth to a cold bathroom.

Swap out some of those white and bright elements. When it’s summer, the idea of a monotonously white bathroom seems sunny. Crisp, clean, all-white bathroom cabinets? Yes, please! But when the temperature drops to freezing, your color scheme might start resembling a snowstorm more than a day at the beach.

If your color scheme is giving you icy vibes, switch out some of the white elements, so that your bathroom can transition more seamlessly with the seasons. For instance, white vanities can be replaced with ivory, gray or khaki bathroom cabinets to maintain that neutral look but gain a little warmth.

Welcome in the color.

1-25-19 WLC2-Donna Teal 2_ x 4_ Subway Tile

If your bathroom is lacking color, that could be the cause of its cold demeanor. The easiest way to change that is by adding color to the walls with paint, wallpaper or a backsplash. This quick addition can have a great impact on the overall feel of the room, and help you add some much needed warmth. Click here to learn about the top interior paint colors of 2019.

Add a big, fluffy rug to offset the overwhelming amount of tile.

If your floors aren’t heated, the thought of tile might put a chill down your spine. This time of year, walking barefoot in your bathroom just isn’t an option. To keep feet warm and add some cozy layers to your bathroom, consider adding a large rug to the room. When we think of bathroom carpets, we tend to gravitate towards the standard bathroom mat. While functional when exiting the shower and bath or standing at the sink, they don’t provide much in terms of visual warmth. Replace individual bathroom mats with one larger rug that runs down the center of your bathroom floor.

Incorporate natural accents to melt away any frostiness.

Master bathroom in new construction home

If your bathroom feels icy and distant rather than warm and inviting, Mother Nature can give your bathroom some heart. From solid wood cabinetry with a natural finish to natural stone flooring and countertops, there are plenty of permanent additions you can incorporate into your bathroom.

Greenery can also bring down the chill factor in a cold bathroom. Consider using potted plants as décor, hanging eucalyptus in the shower, or creating a living accent wall. If fresh plants are too high maintenance for you, good artificial alternatives can create the same visual effect without the extra work.

Rethink bathroom lighting.

Bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be over the top and bright as can be. If your bathroom lighting is harsh and drastic, grab inspiration from your living and dining room. In these rooms, we tend to rely on subtler lighting in the form of chandeliers and pendants. These varieties of lighting have a softer effect and can also make the room feel more like home. A few well-placed candles can also help you create a warmer ambiance.

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