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Tips for Upgrading Your Bathroom Vanity Features

If you’re not ready to do a complete remodel, yet are looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your bathroom, focus on upgrading the features of your bathroom vanity and cabinets. Since the vanity is one of the first things our attention is drawn to whenever we enter a bathroom, making some updates to this component is guaranteed to make a positive impact on the rest of the room.

Below are six simple yet effective ways to update the features of your bathroom vanity and add more personality to your bathroom.


Add a large mirror to your bath vanity to create a stunning focal point upon entering your bathroom. Vanities with mirrors add visual interest by helping to create a sense of depth and dimension, while also adding a bit of a luxurious feel.

Plus, mirrors are essential for you to be able to see your makeup and hair from every angle when getting ready. Depending on the lighting situation in your bathroom, you may find that you need to install makeup lighting around the mirror to get the proper amount of light when getting ready.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Get a bathroom vanity with cabinets or add custom cabinets to your current vanity. Cabinets are a great way to keep your vanity looking neat and stylish because you’ll be able to store the majority of your tools and supplies behind closed doors and avoid cluttering up the counter.

Choose cabinetry that makes the most sense for your bathroom’s style and the number of people who share the bathroom, whether that’s pull-out cabinets, a single cabinet or a combination of cabinets and drawers.

Open Shelves

If you prefer the look of open shelves, be sure to add some shelving to your vanity or get a custom vanity with all open shelves, rather than one with cabinets and drawers with doors. With this design, you’ll be able to best maximize your storage and stay organized if you store all of your necessities in a variety of decorative boxes and baskets that will also look lovely sitting on the shelves.

Add Stylish Décor to the Countertop

While it’s always a good idea to keep most of your belongings stored in cabinets or in baskets on shelves, keeping a few items on your vanity’s countertop can add to the décor of your bathroom and make the room more inviting.

Just be selective and intentional about the items you choose to display on top of your vanity. For example, you may consider placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on top, keeping perfume bottles on a beautiful jewelry tray or storing items like lip glosses, pretty wrapped bars of soap and cotton balls in a few clear canisters of various sizes.

Add New Cabinet Hardware

Adding new cabinet hardware is a simple way to change the look of a vanity and give a fresh look to your bathroom. From cabinet knobs to cabinet pulls, there are a wide variety of cabinet hardware options available, making it easy to find a style, type and finish that suits your style and perfectly complements your vanity.

Add a Stool or Bench

Incorporate color and some extra flair to your vanity by adding a stylish stool or bench. Of course, be sure that whichever piece you choose leaves enough room for your legs and is comfortable to sit on when applying makeup and doing your hair.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much making a few simple changes to bath vanities can help to improve the entire look and feel of your bathroom. And it will create a more inspiring environment in which to begin and end each day in!