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What to Consider for Your Kitchen Lighting and Cabinetry During a Redesign

Lighting is essential to any kitchen design and, as the busiest room in most homes, it’s important to illuminate the space properly. This includes a well-planned overall kitchen lighting scheme for the entire room, as well as for the cabinetry. Before you get started on your kitchen redesign, we’re sharing inspiring lighting ideas that will ensure you illuminate your kitchen and cabinets in style.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The lighting in your kitchen should be just as versatile as the room itself. Take a look at these ideas for your kitchen lights:

  • Pendant Lighting: Add character to your space with pendant kitchen lights. Not only versatile, they come in a variety of styles, from simply functional to stunningly chic. The most popular place for pendant lighting is above kitchen islands and work stations.
  • Chandelier Lighting: If you’re looking for a little extravagance and want to add luxury to your kitchen, chandelier lighting will add a little magnetism, allure and character to the room. Having guests over? Talk about a conversation piece!
  • Suspended Track Lighting: Illuminate the entire space while seamlessly bringing the décor of the room together. Suspended track lighting is very customizable as it allows you to place direct lighting where you need it. It is available in numerous styles – have fun with it!
  • Recessed Lighting: Practicality at its best… recessed lighting can light the entire kitchen or specific areas, without detracting from the design. It’s simple and understated, but it gets the job done.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Ideas

We’ve all been there before – working in a kitchen and the counter’s just a little too dark. First thing you do is look for the light switch to turn on the cabinet lighting. Why? It’s perfect for task lighting. Try these kitchen cabinet light ideas:

  • Kitchen Under-Cabinet Lighting: Under-cabinet kitchen lighting is excellent to not only brighten up dark spaces but to give your workspace a little extra lighting boost – without creating shadows. It also adds ambiance and personality to your space. Different options include puck lights, tapelights, rope lights and light strips, among others.
  • Inside Kitchen Cabinet Lighting: Bring life to your cabinets—not to mention, locate that lost bottle of mustard you know is in there… somewhere. Whether you have deep cabinets, oddly shaped cabinets or you just want to shed a little light on the inside of your cupboards, the following are your best bets: puck lights, fluorescents, light strips, hardwired, plug in, rope or tape lights. Another option is to go for battery-operated lighting.

Effective Kitchen Lighting is Essential

The hub of your home is nothing without proper illumination to spotlight its sophisticated design. While your kitchen is the space everyone seems to gather around, it is also the most multifunctional room in your home. Since the kitchen is such a versatile space, having different lighting options throughout the room allows for easy transition – from food prep and cooking, helping your kids with homework, to dining and most importantly, having an after-dinner conversational area.

Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, hanging out with family and friends or relaxing with a cup of coffee, set your beautifully remodeled kitchen apart with unique and customized kitchen lighting – the options are a plenty.