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The Top 6 Advantages Of Porcelain Tile Floors

Porcelain tile is incredibly versatile, and adds value and a glamorous aesthetic to your home. It can be used practically anywhere, from your open concept kitchen to your screened porch! But aside from its versatility and lovely appearance, what makes porcelain such a smart choice for homeowners?

WLC2-Veneto Gray 12_ x 24_ Porcelain Tile

For starters, porcelain tile is made from fine clay and sealed at high temperatures. It’s denser and less porous than most other types of flooring, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It also comes in a large selection of colors and styles that compliment all types of cabinets and decor. Here are six additional advantages of porcelain tile flooring, and why it could be the right choice for your home.

Porcelain tile is durable.
In general, tile is tough, but porcelain tile is a powerhouse! The hard surface is solid, and can usually withstand weight and impacts without breaking. It is also resistant to chips and scratching. Make sure to use porcelain tile that has a PEI rating of four or more, to ensure it is suitable for frequent foot traffic.

Porcelain tile is water resistant.
Its high-density construction enables porcelain tile to be nearly impervious to water. Because of this, it can be used as a backsplash, and even in some outdoor applications. Since it is more resistant to water than other flooring materials, like ceramic tile, wood or carpeting, porcelain is the perfect choice for wet areas like the bathroom or laundry room. It is also a practical and beautiful option for an open concept kitchen.

WLC2-Dimensions Gris 12_ x 24_ Porcelain Tile (1)

Porcelain tile is stain resistant.
Porcelain tile stops water from penetrating its dense surface, and it does the same for spilled tomato sauce (as well as other kitchen messes and bathroom mishaps)! Its strong barrier makes it almost impossible to tarnish, stain, or fade. Best of all, since porcelain tile is naturally resistant to stains, it is easier to keep your floors clean and looking like new!

Porcelain tile is low maintenance.
When it comes to porcelain tile, spills can be easily and quickly wiped away with a spot cleaning method, using a damp rag or towel. Normal sweeping keeps debris away, which keeps the surface in pristine condition. Damp mopping with a pH balanced dish soap and clean water is a simple disinfection method.

Porcelain tile is heat and frost resistant.
Porcelain is resistant to heat, and doesn’t burn easily under most circumstances. In the event of a fire, it may even help to prevent flames from spreading from one room to the next. On the other hand, if your home resides in a cooler climate, porcelain tile is completely frost resistant, making it the best choice for outdoor flooring.

WLC4-Pietra Calacatta 12_ x 24_ Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has a long lifespan.
Rest assured, when porcelain tile is installed correctly and continues to be maintained properly, it could last through decades of regular use — longer than most other types of flooring. In the long run, porcelain tile should save both time and money, making it a smart choice for homeowners.

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