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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Tropical Oasis

Have you ever been to a spa or a beachside resort with bathrooms inspired by the tropics? Lush greenery and the subtle scent of coconut fills the room. The sound of water can be heard ever so slightly and the iridescent colors remind you of shimmering shells beneath the waves. Sound familiar? If this is your ultimate ambiance, there’s no reason you can’t bring this theme home. With the right bathroom remodel and some island inspired décor, you can turn your bathroom into a dreamy tropical oasis in no time.

Keep your foundation clean and natural.

Avoid choosing colors that can’t be found in nature and create a foundation that will complement your tropical theme. When choosing cabinets for your bathroom vanity, opt for a natural, white, or black finish. For flooring options, consider bamboo, pebble tile or stone. These materials also look great on walls or you could opt for a rich paint color. Wallpaper featuring a foliage design is another way to enhance your theme. Just keep your other décor to a minimum if you do go with printed wallpaper.

Swap your traditional shower system for a rain shower head.

White and gray calcutta marble bathroom designThe beauty of a bathroom remodel is that you can incorporate elements that aren’t traditionally included in a house build. For your tropical oasis, consider installing a frameless walk in shower with a luxury shower system. Rather than your typical shower head, these systems feature rain shower heads that deliver the ultimate outdoors experience and total relaxation.

Find functional décor that also enhances your tropical theme.

A major design mistake is overwhelming a room with purely aesthetic décor. It is much more beneficial to find décor that is also functional to the space. For a tropical themed bathroom, wicker baskets make great towel holders and trash bins while also complementing your island-inspired oasis. Or add a few tropical houseplants that help clean the air.

Incorporate items that remind you of your favorite escape.

White towels with bath asessories at the beach

Think about what’s really so wonderful about a hotel or spa bathroom. Is it the calming scent of essential oils? Is it the feeling of melting into the plush, white towels? Don’t forget the finishing touches that will really transform your home bath into your dream bath. Accessorize your bathroom vanity with a few fragrant candles and splurge on some seriously soft towels. These little things might not seem like much but they will make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of the room.

Utilize storage space to keep the room clean and organized.

When choosing cabinets, don’t forget the inside cabinet storage solutions that will keep your oasis organized. There’s nothing relaxing about a bathroom filled with clutter. Avoid the buildup of toiletries and cleaning products by giving everything a proper place. Choosing a vanity that can fully accommodate your needs is also important. You don’t want to rely on outside storage to store your bathroom essentials. With the right bathroom furniture and organizational system, you can guarantee you’ll bathroom will maintain its vacation vibes for years to come.

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