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How To Create A Lovely Gallery Wall In The Living Room

Put your favorite artwork or photographs on display with a professional looking gallery wall right in your living room. All you need is a collection of pieces you love, a few frames, and a little direction.

Whether you’re working around a television and need help choosing cabinets, or have a blank wall as your canvas, these tips will help you to create a lovely gallery wall for your home.

Pick Your Pieces

You may already have artwork in your possession that you’d like to incorporate into your gallery wall. Ideally, you would have at least three or four pieces to work with. That being said, you may need to go shopping. When shopping for artwork, it’s good to take a photo of any pieces you’ve already secured to eliminate guesswork.

As a guide, develop a palette of colors that complement each other and your living room. While you will want to have some direction to help you navigate, there’s no need to strive for perfection or look for “matching” pieces.

Mix it Up To Show Your Style

WLC2-Gallery Wall Pieces

Your gallery wall should reflect your style, so don’t be afraid to combine photos and paintings of various shapes and sizes if that is what speaks to you. Your home should not feel like a museum, so move away from the idea of monotony. Instead, embrace the art that complements your home and appeals to your taste. If that’s fusing black and white photos with colorful paintings, there is nothing wrong with that.

Mixing media is actually encouraged, as it makes your gallery wall unique, and it allows your art to make the departure from “just décor” to something more purposeful.

Add A Personal Touch

Your gallery wall can showcase more than just great art. It can also tell a story — your story, to be exact. There are many ways to add a personal touch to your gallery wall. You can include photos of your travels, artwork bought while on vacation, prints from museums you’ve visited, or even maps of your favorite cities.

Lead With The Layout


You always want to determine the layout before hanging any art on the wall. Thankfully, a gallery wall can go wherever you want, whether it’s framing your television or filling in a completely blank space.

If you love the look of artwork around your TV room cabinetry, keep this goal in mind when choosing cabinets. You will want to select a clean style such as Shaker cabinets that won’t overpower your gallery wall. Incorporating some open shelving can also accent your artwork by adding décor that complements the colors.

Once you’ve established what furniture you’ll be working around, do a flat arrangement on your floor with the proposed layout. If you want to be extra accurate, you can use painter’s tape to measure out the area and even account for your cabinets, television, side tables or any other furniture. You want to keep at least eight inches between any furniture and artwork, so this exercise can really come in handy.

Take a few photos with your cellphone to get a good idea of the finished project. Once you’ve found an arrangement that you like, you can begin hanging your artwork piece by piece.

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