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4 Tips For Decorating With Bold Colors

Bold colors can be beautiful, but they can also be overwhelming if not done right. When decorating any room in your home with strong hues, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Here are a few tips to consider before incorporating bold colors into the kitchen, living room, guest room, or bath.


5-15-18 WLC2-Union White (1)Many of today’s top kitchen trends involve bringing bold color into the heart of the home. From tiny splashes to huge waves, there are many stylish shades to make your kitchen a little or a lot more vibrant.

If a kitchen remodel is in the works, consider adding one big dose of color with your cabinetry. This creates an eye-catching focal point, and let’s you center the room around your favorite hue. When going with a painted finish like blue or green, it is important that the rest of the room remain mostly neutral, with only specks of color that accent your cabinets here and there. It’s up to you to show restraint when decorating a kitchen with colored cabinets — or you could end up drowning in a sea of clashing colors.

Of course, you don’t need colorful cabinets to keep up with kitchen trends. If you prefer white or wood tone cabinetry, pops of bold color could be incorporated in other ways. For example, you could paint your pantry door, install a bright backsplash, accessorize your open shelving, or lay down a runner along your kitchen floor. When opting for small doses of color, it’s important to tell a story with your colors, and make sure each one used is complementary of the other.

Living Room

5-15-18 WLC1-Sanibel Shaker WhiteThe modern living room is a place for the family to gather — whether it’s watching TV, playing video games, or just hanging out on the sofa. That means a lot is going on in the living room a lot of the time. Rather then compete with the high energy, quell it by using bold colors that set a mellower mood. Most shades of blue or aqua put people at ease; so let this color conduct some peace and quiet in your home.

Though relaxing, blue is still a bold color, so use it in moderation. For example, pick your favorite shade and paint an accent wall behind your TV room cabinetry. Then, complement it with matching throw pillows, décor, or an area rug.


5-15-18 WLC3-Cristezza Club Glass Tile in Bright WhiteThe bathroom offers plenty of opportunities to incorporate bold colors — even if the space is small. Add your favorite flashy color without drowning the room by incorporating a backsplash, wallpaper, towels, or drapery in an interesting pattern.

In the bathroom, it is more necessary than ever to consider the size of the space you are in, and balance your bold colors appropriately. One trick is to take your chosen hue and imagine it as an ombre rainbow. From your original pick to a lighter shade, play in this family of colors rather than focusing only on your color of choice. This is a more reserved approach to decorating your bathroom with color.

Guest Room

The goal with a guest room is to create a welcoming space that makes your visitors feel like your home is theirs. Usually, keeping things warm and friendly accomplishes that, but if you prefer a more dramatic theme, it’s still possible to decorate with bold colors in a guest bedroom.

When choosing colors, keep it gender neutral. While a surprising color can be impressive when done right, a guest room isn’t the right place to fulfill a fuchsia fantasy or rose gold dream. It’s also important to not overdo the décor. Your visitor shouldn’t feel hesitant to get in bed and mess up your perfect display of seven accent pillows. When adding color, keep in mind that your design should never sacrifice comfort.

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