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6 Genius Tips That Help Keep Dust Under Control

Want to stop dust in its tracks? You can, with these time saving tricks for keeping your home fresh and dust-free! Start with simple storage solutions that keep those dusting tools within reach, and utilize these genius tips that help keep dust under control.

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Tool Time
When it comes to dusting floors and baseboards, essential tools include a broom and/or vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. For more intricate, specific areas like blinds, ceiling fans, or lamps, you may want to consider a feathered brush or microfiber cloth. Don’t be afraid to try new things to find out what works best for you, and the unique fixtures in your home.

Always Within Reach
Put those storage solutions to good use! Take stock of your cleaning supplies to see what you already have and what you need. For light, daily dusting and quick touch-ups, be sure to keep a dust cloth on hand and accessible in each room of the home — whether it’s the TV room, home office, bathroom, kitchen, or lint-generating laundry room.

One Room At A Time

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For a thorough and efficient cleaning, start at one corner or room of the house and work around the perimeter before moving on to the next area. Choose a starting point, and continue in one direction. You’ll complete a full circle and eventually end up back where you started. This will help you keep rack what you’ve already dusted, so you aren’t cleaning things twice and taking up more time. This hack can easily be applied to a single area or the entire house.

Always Dust First
Although you may be inclined to dust last, as the final touch to a freshly cleaned home, reverse your cleaning steps and always dust first. Despite your best efforts, you can’t defy gravity, and dust will always drift downwards to the floors or surfaces below. Skip that extra step of having to clean your floors or vacuum again after dusting by getting it gone from the get-go.

Work Vertically
Begin dusting from the highest point or part of the room, and then work your way down. As we established before, once gravity kicks in, the dust will move downwards. Continue to work vertically to eliminate dust as it drifts down. This technique will definitely come in handy, and and should cut your cleaning time significantly. The law of gravity is your friend and you should use it to your advantage.

Handy Dusting Hacks

  • The ultimate dusting hack for blinds is to use a pair of tongs covered with a microfiber cloth. This method collects the dust better, while cleaning both the top and bottom of the blind with one swipe.
  • Swap store-bought sheets for flannel rags. They are cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, washable, reusable, and require little time to make.
  • Clean lamp shades with a quick swipe of a lint roller.
  • Got extra dryer sheets? Use them for baseboards to help collect dirt.
  • No need to spend money on special cleaners for your keyboard when a paintbrush will do nicely.
  • Ceiling exhaust fans or vents can be dust-free by using canned air. The pressure repels the dust away.
  • Secure a pillowcase to a broom to make your ceiling and crown moldings look like new.

Dust your troubles away and reducing your cleaning time with these helpful tricks. When you think outside the box and stay one step ahead, it’s easy to keep your home spotless, sparkling and dust-free!

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