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A Clean Slate: How To Keep Your Slate Backslash Or Floor Looking Brand New

Who doesn’t love this time of year? In addition to the holiday celebrations and lavish New Year’s Eve parties, most of us are exhilarated by the idea of a new beginning. With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to make improvements. But this concept is not reserved for just our own lives. We also like to apply these intentions to extensions of ourselves — such as our home and belongings. For the ultimate clean slate, here we’re going to explain how to keep a very important part of your home looking new: your slate kitchen backsplash or floors.

Cleaning And Maintaining A Slate Kitchen Backsplash

pattern of decorative slate stone wall surface

There are many different varieties of slate. Some are more natural, with dimension and texture, while others have been honed down so much they will actually shine. If your kitchen backsplash is somewhere in between those two extremes, then you have the easier slate to maintain. Cleaning around the different dimensions can be slightly difficult, and polished slate will quickly show dirt or scratches.

If your slate has been sealed, a soft cloth and warm water may be sufficient in wiping down surfaces. If not, you will need a way to get deeper into the surface, because slate can absorb grease and debris. Try spot testing an unseen area by scrubbing it with a toothbrush dipped in warm water and dishwashing liquid. Let it dry before cleaning the remaining area. If no discoloration occurs, this method can be effective in deep cleaning unsealed slate backsplashes. Baking soda and water is another at-home option that can work well.

Alternatively, you can also find cleaners that are specifically made for cleaning slate. These cleaners should be acid-free to avoid causing any damage in the stone.

Whichever method you use, be sure to clean your kitchen backsplash regularly. Routine cleaning is the best way to maintain the look and luster of your slate backsplash.

Cleaning And Maintaining Slate Kitchen Floors

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As we mentioned earlier, there are many different varieties of slate. For flooring, it is more likely to be slate that been honed down, since it is more comfortable to walk over a flat surface rather than one with rough dimensions.

Cleaning your slate regularly is important, because the accumulation of different particles can act as a grit and scratch away at the slate’s surfaces.

For dry cleaning, avoid hard bristled brooms that can also scratch the surface. Dry sweepers with attachable cloths are your best option for collecting dust, debris and sand without damaging your floors. If you choose to vacuum, be sure you are using a soft nose extension that will not scrape the slate as you work.

For wet cleaning, mops can work fine as long as you are mindful of the cleaning solution you use. Avoid oil-based cleaners and, as mentioned earlier, anything with an acid-base. You want to use a very mild solution on slate floors, such as a few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed into a bucket of warm water. When mopping, wring your mop out each time to avoid over saturating the surface. If your floors get too wet while mopping, follow with a dry cloth so they aren’t damaged.

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