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5 Clever Storage Solutions For Your Custom Kitchen


If the word “storage” has negative connotations for you, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are put off by the idea of filling their kitchen with bins and boxes in an attempt to maintain order. How is bringing more into the room going to make it less cluttered? Forget what you know about storage and read on to discover five clever storage solutions for your custom kitchen.


1. Hidden Base And Wall Fillers


Many kitchen designs leave voids and fail to take full advantage of every square foot. Optimizing this unused space for storage is a genius way to organize your custom kitchen without cluttering your cabinets or pantry. Take a look at this base filler that was designed to neatly store your oils, sauces and spices. Hidden behind your decorative panels or fillers, this base filler features adjustable wood shelves with chrome rail and full-extension ball bearing sides. The three-slide design offers total functionality, and allows you to store a variety of containers in different shapes and sizes. This style, and more base and wall fillers, are available online at Willow Lane Cabinetry.


Woven Basket with Rails - Willow Lane Cabinetry2. Baskets With Rails


Baskets make great storage solutions, but they often end up on top of countertops or crowding the pantry. This woven basket with rails is the perfect alternative, as it fits within an 18” wide base cabinet. To install these natural woven baskets, the cabinet door is removed and the mount rails are easily mounted with four screws. Each basket includes a washable canvas liner, a natural maple frame with built-in handles, and two side-mount rails.


3. Tray Dividers


Stop stacking your cookie sheets and serving ware under your oven. Tray dividers go inside of your wall or base cabinets to easily put away these everyday items. Our 3” wide chrome tray divider is ideal for a custom kitchen because you can use as many as you need to fit your cabinetry. This u-shaped design features a shiny chrome finish and is extremely durable. Install this organizer in just minutes using only four screws.


4. Pull Out Shelving Systems


Double Pullout Waste Container - Willow Lane CabinetryAnother great option for optimizing under-used base cabinets is pull out shelving systems. These organizers allow you to transform a cabinet into a designated storage area for something in your kitchen. For example, the double pullout waste container keeps your garbage and recyclables tucked away to free up floor space in your kitchen, and eliminate odors. Featuring a wire-frame construction, this organizer has full-extension ball bearing slides, and includes two 35-quart waste containers. Easily mount this system to the bottom of your base cabinet with just four screws.


5. Pull Out Organizers


Rather than mindlessly storing items in drawers, add a tray or peg system to keep things organized. A few favorites are the rearrangeable drawer pegs that can accommodate all different items, the trimmable cutlery tray, and the wood spice tray. With these systems in place, you’ll never have a problem finding an item when you pull out your cabinet drawers. 


Your custom kitchen will be clutter free after you implement these clever storage solutions in your home. Want to see more inside cabinet accessories for different kitchen designs? Browse our full selection online at Willow Lane Cabinetry.



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