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4 Tips For Organizing Your Home Office Cabinetry

Having a home office can help you create work/life balance ­— an almost foreign concept in today’s technology driven world but not an impossibility. With the right office cabinetry, organization methods, and accessories, you can turn your home office into a functional space that allows you to alleviate the stress of working from home. Are you ready to transform that makeshift room into your dream workspace?


Here are four tips to achieve work/life balance and organize your home office.


1. Create a custom design to suit your specific needs.


Manchester Shaker Black - Willow Lane CabinetrySure, you’ll find many cookie-cutter home office designs out there, but how will they help you be more productive? When laying out your home office, focus on what will benefit you most. Your office cabinetry, desk, tools, seating and décor should all contribute to your success. If it doesn’t, it is just causing clutter and should not be part of the space.


Willow Lane Cabinetry offers a wide selection of ready-to-assemble and pre-assembled office cabinetry that you can use to create your perfect custom workspace. If you’re not sure what to order or where to start, take advantage of our complimentary design service. Your personal designer will work with you every step of the way to design and order your office cabinetry.


2. Find a filing system that you actually like.


There are endless ways to organize files ­— alphabetically, by category, and by color are a few. While organizing your office cabinetry is essential for maintaining order, it will not be sustainable unless you choose a system that makes sense to you. If you find yourself trying to recall what color you keep your medical files in, it’s likely that color-coding is not for you. Find a system that is intuitive to your way of thinking and that is sustainable in the long-term. We don’t want to just organize for today; we want to maintain order in the future.


3. Only buy supplies that you actually need.


We can press the importance of drawer organizers and explain how they can stop your desk from being overrun — but that won’t help, will it? If you’re holding on to more supplies than you can even fit in your drawer, it’s time to downsize. A good rule of thumb is to keep two of the essentials on hand. For you, that might mean pens, pencils, highlighters and white out. Want more backups? Keep them on a designated shelf in one of your cabinets. Only reach for more when one of the essentials runs out, or you’re 100% certain that it has gone missing.


Oxford Cinnamon Glaze - Willow Lane Cabinetry4. Don’t drown in décor.


Remember earlier when we mentioned that every part of your home office should contribute to your success? Décor is a huge part of that. Over-decorating can create clutter and a cluttered space results in a cluttered mind.


Keep your décor minimal and only add pieces that inspire, energize, or calm. Not sure if a piece will add or takeaway from your home office? Determine what its purpose or function is. For example, a bookend that doubles as a piece of décor is functional and flattering. A lamp that helps to illuminate your desk can be both useful and attractive. Stick to décor that either serves a very specific function or invokes an emotion that will help you be more productive when in the space. 



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