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Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends That Are In (And 3 That Are On Their Way Out)

Each year we see interiors evolve as past favorites are purged to make room for the new wave of design trends. So far, 2017 has proven to be an interesting year for kitchen design. From custom kitchens becoming more accessible to the island kitchen floor plan rising to the top, we are witnessing major changes in kitchen design trends.


Keep reading to find out which new trends are taking lead and which fads you should bid farewell.



Kitchen Design Trends That Are In

Welcome the newest crazes in interiors.


1. Smaller is better.


A preference for minimalism has also given space a greater appeal. There is no longer an interest in cramming as much furniture into a room as possible. Sleek designs have become more appealing as homeowners are embracing functional kitchen islands, wall mounted furniture and recessed or open shelves. The greater accessibility to custom kitchens is also helping to bring this more comfortable way of living into more homes. Since you can now design your new kitchen for free, creating that island kitchen floor plan is perfectly possible. 

Dark Bronze Lyon Collection Pull - Willow Lane Cabinetry

2. Dark bronze hardware is gaining headway.


Kitchen hardware is one of those elements in the kitchen that is always changing — but luckily swapping out pieces is incredibly easy and affordable. Lately we’re seeing smooth, darker bronze kitchen hardware growing in popularity. One of our favorite pieces from Willow Lane Cabinetry happens to be the Lyon Collection Pulls in Dark Bronze. At just $5.95 each, they are a great way to update your kitchen without spending a fortune.  


3. Subway tile is back and better than ever.


This oldie but goodie is certainly not a new kitchen trend but is one that has surprisingly become a staple for the latest crop of homeowners. We’re also seeing variations to the classic design, like our Cristezza Club Tile, which incorporates different sizes for a more contemporary backsplash.


4. Make way for marble.


This rock is quickly becoming the material of choice for kitchen countertops. Marble offers intricate beauty and simplicity at the same time, making it an excellent addition to the clean, minimalistic designs that are dominating these days.


Smart Kitchen Appliances5. Smart homes are fast tracking functionality in the kitchen.


Cooking is becoming easier, food shopping is now streamlined, and wondering if the oven is still on is a thought that future generations will never have to fear. Smart kitchens are becoming the norm as more appliances and homes are incorporating technology that syncs to our phones and fits seamlessly into our lives.



Kitchen Design Trends That Are Out

Say goodbye to these kitchen fashions that are no longer in favor.



1. Overly done themes.


Previously, homeowners thought it was necessary to keep a theme going strong and never straying away. Now we see that mixing things up and sourcing the best of different themes actually makes for a really amazing kitchen. One already popular example of this is the transitional kitchen, which blends traditional and modern elements for a balanced and brilliant design.


2. Shiny stainless steel appliances.


Those super shiny stainless steel appliances are no longer the favorite as more matte styles start to steal the show. These finishes still have a sleek, modern feel but are less over the top than their shimmering predecessors.


3. Boring and bland kitchen walls.


Neutrals are no longer the go-to when it comes to paint colors. Homeowners are experimenting with more wild shades and the kitchen is fair game. We’re seeing a lot more jewel tones and lot less white this year.



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