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Modern Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

How To Design A Modern Bathroom With Vintage Charm

When modern meets vintage, the themes combine to create a sophisticated space filled with comfort and charm. To design your own hybrid bathroom, balance elements so that they complement one another rather than compete. Here are a few of our favorite ways to give a modern bathroom some vintage flair.


Lexington Oatmeal Glaze - Willow Lane CabinetryFind furniture that feels new but looks antique.


From bathroom cabinetry with distressed finishes to clawfoot tubs, there are many ways to incorporate antique furniture without losing quality or durability. You don’t need to actually have old furniture to achieve that vintage look. Simply choose furniture that was inspired by older designs or were specifically created to look aged.


If you need ideas for your bathroom cabinetry, take a look at our antique white cabinets like Lexington Oatmeal Glaze or Roosevelt White with Chocolate Accent. Both of these options give you that chic antiqued appearance without compromising craftsmanship or construction.


Soften a modern bathroom with contrast, color and unexpected décor.


If you prefer a modern looking bathroom vanity and bathroom cabinetry, there are still other ways to soften the room and incorporate some vintage charm.


Décor is by far the easiest avenue for achieving this. Consider hanging a chandelier or worn wooden wall mirror. Rust or copper accents also convey a cozy, vintage feel. Add a wire trash basket, or swap out your cabinet hardware. A corner chair with a colorful pattern or an upholstered bench can also bring some color and character to the room. 


You could also add some color to the walls, which modern rooms tend to lack. Rather than white or grey for your bathroom walls, try a paint color that pops, like a pretty pastel. 


Other than décor and paint, you can opt for more permanent additions like beaded board walls or penny tiles that make the room feel a little retro. The new elements will heighten the old, while the old elements ground the new.


Bring a bit of the outdoors inside.


Orchid in Bathroom WindowModern bathrooms can tend to feel a little cold and unwelcoming. You can reverse this, or at least lessen it, by bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. A few examples include living plants placed in ceramic pots and arranged on the windowsill, a wooden ladder used to hang towels, or colorful paintings of nature hung on the walls.


By incorporating natural elements, you are able to create a sensation of life and make the space more inviting. While this is not typical of a modern bathroom, it works wonders when trying to add some charm to your hybrid design.


The best of both modern and vintage is an enchanting collaboration.     


Modern bathrooms are designed to be new, sleek, minimalist, and lack a lot of color, texture, and contrast. On the other hand, vintage bathrooms are full of character and color, endearing oddities, and aren’t afraid to show their age. By combining the two, you might think chaos would ensue, but the result is actually extraordinary. Hopefully these tips have helped you design your very own modern bathroom with vintage charm.



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