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How To Choose The Right Bathroom Vanity For Your Unique Space

Every bathroom is unique, which makes finding the right bathroom vanity for your individual space a bit of a challenge. Here are some guidelines to follow to help you choose the right bathroom vanity for each bathroom in your home.   


Powder Room


Powder rooms tend to be on the small side so the goal is to make the room feel less cramped. Storage is usually not a priority, as you won’t need any toiletries or linens in a powder room. With that said, you will need to house cleaning supplies and extra rolls of paper, so look at single sink bathroom vanities in sleek styles to make the room feel more open. Shaker vanities are a good choice in small bathrooms because of their clean lines and simple look – but you also shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement with your powder room bathroom vanity either. This is the one bathroom in the house you can guarantee guests will see, so go for glam if that’s what you want!

Guest Bath


A guest bath can vary greatly in size and function. Be considerate of the square footage of the bathroom and who will be using it. For example:


  • If your hall bathroom is used by a member of your family, the bathroom will require more storage than if it were solely for visitors.
  • If the bathroom is typically only used by one individual, it might make more sense to choose a single sink bathroom vanity and free up the room for a larger shower or a linen closet.


Another factor that could impact your decision is whether or not your home has hallway linen closets. If there is adequate storage outside of the bathroom that you can store extra towels or cleaning supplies, you may not require a vanity with as many bathroom cabinets or storage capabilities. On the other hand, if your home lacks linen closet space, you should opt for a vanity with spacious linen cabinets above.


Master Bath


The master bath is typically the largest bathroom in the home and traditionally will feature a double sink bathroom vanity. However, do not take tradition as law.


In today’s modern homes, it is not uncommon to find a single sink vanity in a master bath. Aside from the fact that your master bath may only be used by you, you also might not see a large double sink vanity as a priority. Having a bathroom with a shower and a tub may rate higher on your list of priorities.


Master SuiteWhen it comes to the design of the vanity, that will depend on whether your bathroom is part of your bedroom or not. If it’s not, then go with what you like! There’s no reason for the theme of your master bathroom to reflect the master bedroom if they’re not attached.


However, if your bathroom does open up to the master bedroom, you will also want to factor in the style elements of your bedroom when choosing a vanity. You don’t want your bedroom design to clash or conflict with the style of your bathroom furniture. When choosing the layout and bathroom vanity for your master bath, take into consideration the areas of the bathroom that will be seen from the bedroom as well.


These types of bathroom suites may also require larger bathroom cabinetry to make the room feel complete. Depending on the floor plan, you could install a large double sink vanity; two single sink vanities with a prominent divide of shelving, or have two separate bathroom vanities on opposing walls.



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