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Front Yard Landscaping

Curb Appeal: 10 Landscape Mistakes To Avoid This Spring

While winter was all about keeping cozy inside, spring is all about spending time outdoors. If you’re a do it yourself kitchen remodel type, you’re probably a DIY lawn guru as well. That’s great! Just make sure your landscaping is up to par by avoiding these 10 common mistakes that homeowners make.


1. Fertilizing Fails


Fertilizer is great, so if you’re skipping it, you’re doing your lawn a disservice. That being said, too much fertilizer is not great. When purchasing plants or grass, ask which fertilizer is best and how often it should be used.


Gardening Tools2. Keeping Your Gardening Tools Indoors


Out of sight, out of mind. When your gardening tools are buried somewhere in the house, it is less likely that you’ll grab them to do some maintenance here and there. Install some specialty cabinets in your garage for easy access.


3. Putting Your Plants In Areas With Bad Lighting


You take so much time and patience to put your plants into the ground, so make sure you do it right. Take into account the shadows your house produces and any shade created by trees before planting. Some plants require more sunlight than others and you want to make sure they get the right exposure.


4. Over Decorating


Got garden gnomes? It’s easy to get excited about the nice weather and cover your entire yard with decorations and figurines. The problem is that this kind of disorganized decorating usually ends in disaster. It’s important to have a common theme, and a limit to your outdoor décor. In other words, it might be time for a garage sale.


5. Forgetting That Plants Grow


Like babies and puppies, plants won’t stay the same size forever. Make sure you are taking into account their growing potential and how that will effect the other elements of your yard before you plant anything.


Lawn Mower6. Cutting Your Grass Shorter Than You Should


If you cut your grass shorter, you won’t have to mow it as often, right? Wrong. It’s actually better to leave grass a little longer during warmer months to provide the soil extra shade from the sun. Trying to cut your grass too short could also lead to bare patches in your lawn, which are much more annoying to fix than mowing your lawn regularly.


7. Don’t Just Look At Your Yard From The Street View


When we’re landscaping, some of us only think about what the neighbors will see. What about you? When designing your lawn, also take a look at it from the inside. When you’re sitting on the couch, cooking in the kitchen, or working at your desk, won’t you be looking out the windows? Make sure your view is just as pleasing as your neighbors.


8. Pruning Plants In Spring


Don’t start pruning before doing a little research. Different plants have different processes when it comes to pruning, and usually spring is not the best time of year to prune. When in doubt, don’t prune at all. Not pruning your plants is less harmful than doing it wrong.


Pruning a Tree9. Not All Tools Work When It Comes To Landscaping


Are you the kind of person that keeps a hammer in your kitchen drawer? Are you also the kind of person that uses a hammer for everything? Earlier we cautioned about not having specialty cabinets for your gardening tools, and now we’re going to warn you about having the wrong tools in those cabinets. Some jobs require tools that you may not have. Don’t just grab any tool you have lying around. You could damage your lawn, and the cost of fixing that mistake could greatly exceed the cost of renting or buying the right tool.


10. Designing A Pretty Yard That’s Not Comfortable


While the look of your lawn is undeniably important, so is its functionality. When designing your lawn, be sure to think of how you and your family will use it. Create a space that is as welcoming as it is beautiful. 



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