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Sanibel Shaker White Bathroom Vanity - Willow Lane Cabinetry

How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity in 6 Easy Steps

Your bathroom vanity has seen better days and you’re ready to say, “Out with the old, and in with the new!” For the best price and selection, you have shopped online and found the perfect bathroom vanity from Willow Lane Cabinetry! Now you just need to get rid of that old one — don’t worry, you can get it done in just six easy steps! Follow this guide for all the instruction you need to remove an old bathroom vanity.


Step 1: Turn Off The Water

Look under the sink and locate the water valves. It’s important to turn off the water supply before getting to work. If you can’t locate the water valves under your sink, opt to shut off the supply at the main valve. You’ll also want to relieve any pressure that still remains in the lines by turning on the faucet. When water no longer runs from the faucet, you know you’re ready to start your project.


Step 2: Loosen The P-Strap And Disconnect The Water Lines

You’re going to want a bucket handy while you execute this step, because water may still be left in the trap or lines. Start by loosening the slip nut, and if necessary, remove the trap entirely. Then disconnect the lines by hand or using a wrench.


Step 3: Free The Sink Top From The Wall

Before you remove your bath cabinets or vanity base, you’ll want to free the sink top. Start by cutting the sealant along the wall or backsplash. Then pull the sink top away from the wall to free it.


Step 4: Remove The Sink Top From The Bathroom Vanity

Now that the sink top is free from the wall, you can remove it from the vanity completely. Depending on how the sink top has been attached (with screws or glue) will effect how you execute this step. If your sink top has been screwed on, simply unscrew any secured areas. If your sink top has been glued, you will be able to remove it using a chisel and hammer.


Step 5: Remove The Bathroom Vanity From The Wall

Removing the vanity from the wall may seem like the biggest part of this project, but it is actually pretty straightforward. Simply take the screws out from behind the base of your bath cabinets, and pull the vanity forward. It should easily come out from the wall.

Step 6: Dispose Of The Old Vanity And Clean Up Your Bathroom

Find out your city’s policy on bulk waste so that you can properly dispose of your old vanity. Most cities have designated areas for curbside pickup and a less frequent schedule than your typical garbage collection. In the case of extremely large vanities, your city may require you schedule a “Pay for Pickup” and require a collection fee. After your vanity is disposed of, you’ll also want to properly clean the area and take care of any preparations necessary before installing your new bathroom vanity.



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