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Potted African Violet Brightens the Kitchen

5 Beautiful Houseplants That Will Add Flowery Fragrance To Your Kitchen

Beautiful, bright-colored houseplants are a great way to liven up your kitchen, while also adding a fresh, flowery fragrance. With the first day of spring just around the corner, now is the time to start searching for the perfect houseplant for your kitchen. Need kitchen island ideas? Add a houseplant that is tall rather than bulky to maintain space. Looking to personalize your kitchen sink with a sunny window? Opt for a plant that requires filtered light. Here are five beautiful houseplants to consider this spring.

African Violet

These gorgeous houseplants are among the easiest to grow! Blooming year-round with little effort, African Violets come in several varieties: some with white-edge blooms, others with variegated foliage. If you’re wondering how to personalize your kitchen sink, this plant typically thrives in warm conditions and filtered sunlight. If you have a bright window, these plants will bloom almost constantly! Best of all, they come in almost every color to match your décor.

Pink Hibiscus Flower Hibiscus

Looking to give your kitchen a tropical touch? Hibiscus forms huge blooms up to eight inches in diameter. This shrubby upright plants can be trained to grow into a tree, making it the perfect showy plant to place atop a kitchen island. While individual blooms only last 1-2 days, plants bloom freely from late spring through fall, and sometimes through winter.

These plants require a lot of sunlight — something to keep in mind based on where you live and the amount of light that enters your kitchen. Not only are these giant blooms eye-catching, but they also come in a beautiful range of colors from yellow, to white, blue and shades of red.


Want a plant so easy to grow it’s practically no-fail? Geraniums are great houseplants, and they come in a variety of types ranging from Regal to Martha Washington or ivy geranium. Some geraniums are grown specifically for their scent, which makes them a great houseplant for adding fragrance to your kitchen. This plant requires cooler growing conditions around 60-75 degrees, as well as bright to intense light.

Vision Almond Kitchen with Calamondin Oranges - Willow Lane CabinetryCalamondin Orange

Calamondin Orange is the ultimate kitchen houseplant! A hybrid between mandarin orange and kumquat, this plant grows white blossoms in late winter and spring.

These fragrant flowers develop into 1-inch-diamter orange fruits on a shrubby plant, and these fruits can remain on the plant for several weeks. Harvest the fruits after they ripen to use in place of lemons or kumquats, or consider making your own homemade marmalade!

These plants require bright to intense light with mild temperatures.



While not all Jasmine flowers are fragrant, Jasminum polyanthum is a type that grows indoors, emitting a sweet scent at night. Keep this plant near a window so it receives plenty of sunlight. Just remember to decrease direct sunlight come winter. Good air circulation and cool conditions helps these flowers thrive best.


Other fragrant houseplants to consider include lavender and orchids. Look for houseplants that add a pop of color that compliments your kitchen cabinets, and keep maintenance in mind. Some houseplants require minimal care, while others may require a bit more attention. Bring fresh scents to your kitchen with fragrant, flowery houseplants and your kitchen is sure to be ready for spring.


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