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Midtown White Shaker - Willow Lane Cabinetry

Make 2017 A Classic Year With The New Classic Collection From Willow Lane Cabinetry

Let’s be honest. Some kitchen design trends are just more timeless than others, and cabinets are no different. To give you the clean, fresh cabinetry your remodel needs in a timeless style that will last, Willow Lane Cabinetry created the new Classic Series.  When remodeling your kitchen, you want to design a room that you’ll still love years from now. Not a space that will be out of style the second your project is finished.

Read on to discover all of the breathtaking styles in this series that will surely make 2017 a classic year.

Midtown Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are definitely one of the kitchen design trends that never go out of style. They are equally traditional and modern, which is undoubtedly why they are included in the Classic Series. These are the kind of cabinets that can truly last generations.

The Midtown Shaker style is unique, with a design that is a bit more contemporary than you typically see with Shaker cabinets. The look is still simple and modern, but can be described as being a little more cutting edge.  

You can find the Midtown Shaker cabinets available in White, Cream, Walnut, and Dark finishes.

Bradford Ivory Glaze - Willow Lane CabinetryBradford Style Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for statement cabinets, the Bradford style is for you. These sophisticated kitchen cabinets feature raised door panels and recessed drawer panels. The result is a seamless, polished look that really is a dream come true. 

You can also add some eye-catching elements to your design by incorporating glass doors or a gorgeous wine rack. To see what your vision will look like, take advantage of the free kitchen design service from Willow Lane Cabinetry.  

You can find the Bradford cabinets available in Ivory, Spice Glaze, and Cinnamon Glaze finishes.

Union Classic Series Kitchen Cabinets

Another great style found within the Classic Series is Union. You can find the Union cabinets available in White and Grey finishes. These classic kitchen cabinets feature a full overlay design, but are made a bit more modern by their recessed door and drawer panels. We like to think of Union style cabinets as an updated version of time-honored favorites.

Like all Willow Lane Cabinetry collections, quality is as important as design. The Union features plywood box construction, and soft close drawers and doors. They’ll last as long as you love them, and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to keep these cabinets around for awhile.


Oxford Cinnamon Glaze - Willow Lane CabinetryOxford Decadent Cabinets

Available in two delicious dark glazes, the Oxford style is a truly decadent set of cabinetry. For the homeowner that loves art and elegance, they will find it all with sophisticated and classic Oxford kitchen cabinets.

This set features solid wood doors, dovetailed drawers, and raised door panels for high grade quality and a high class look. These cabinets can also be enhanced to suit many kitchen design trends. With the Oxford style, you have the option of adding glass doors, decorative moldings, and other ornate accessories to embellish as you please.

You can find the Oxford cabinets available in Cinnamon and Merlot Glaze finishes.


Vision Transitional Modern Cabinetry

Vision is a fun, transitional style that adds flair in a strong but understated way. A perfect fit for modern yet classic kitchen design trends. With its applied moldings, recessed drawers and door panels, Vision brings undeniable beauty and touch of traditional elegance.

Available in the bright Almond finish, everything about this line from the Classic Series brings joy and personality to the kitchen. Whether seeking balance for a more modern design or looking to freshen up a traditional style, Vision will deliver.

Tuscan Walnut - Willow Lane Cabinetry

Tuscan Traditional Style Cabinets

Last but certainly not least is the Tuscan style. This eye-catching set spares no detail, and will transform your kitchen into a stylish space in 2017. If you want to add a real “wow” factor to your new kitchen, this style will achieve just that.

With full overlay doors and recessed drawer and door fronts, these cabinets will 100% grab your attention. Available in two very different but equally stunning finishes, you can choose from the bright Almond Glaze or rich Walnut.


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