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Folded White Towels in a Laundry Basket

How To Wash, Dry And Fold Towels Like A Pro

Overnight guests year round will appreciate a tidy linen cabinet filled with fresh and fluffy towels. Take the time to wash, dry and fold your towels so that your guests feel pampered during their stay. Here are some tips to help you become a laundry pro this winter!  Care for your towels by washing them every three or four uses. By washing and drying your towels properly, and taking the time to keep them neatly folded and stored in your bathroom vanity or linen cabinet, your guests will feel more comfortable and welcome during their visit.


Washer Full of TowelsWashing Your Towels Properly

  • Wash new towels separate from clothing before their first-time use to remove any lint. If you want to set the color, add a ½ cup of vinegar to the wash.
  • Only use half of the recommended amount of detergent, since the thick material of towels is difficult to rinse and excess detergent left behind can promote bacterial growth.
  • Follow the standard rules when washing. Use warm water for colored towels, and add color-safe bleach or Borax once every few washes. Use hot water and nonchlorine bleach (as needed) for white towels.
  • Give towels a good shake when taking them out of the washer to help fluff the terry loops, and allow for maximum absorbency. 
  • Store laundry detergent and other necessary items neatly tucked away behind cabinet doors in the laundry room. Keep items organized together for easy access.


Drying Fresh Towels For Your Guests

  • Always use your dryer for towels so that they can get their driest and fluffiest. Do not hang dry.
  • Dry towels on the highest setting to make sure they are fully dry before removing them from the dryer. Remember that mildew will grow on anything that is even slightly damp.
  • If you are in a pinch, throw a clean, dry towel in with the wet towels. This will help absorb the moisture quicker so that towels can dry faster.
  • Soften your towels by using one or two dryer balls in the dryer. The bouncing of the balls acts as a natural fabric softener.

Pulling Fresh Towels from the DryerFolding Towels With Ease

  • The key to proper use of shelf space is to fold bath and hand towels in thirds. Hold the bath towel in so that the front is facing you. Grab the towel by the two upper corners, then hold the towel at shoulder height and stretch it out sideways. Make sure that the towel is smooth and flat.
  • One corer should be brought toward the other to a point about two-thirds of the width of the towel. Hold it there and continue to fold the second corner of the towel toward the first. This will create three distinct layers.
  • Pinch the folds and gently shake to distribute. Tuck the towel under your chin. Grasp the towel midpoint down its length, lift your chin, and then allow the top part of the towel to fall over the bottom half. You can also lay the towel on a flat surface to fold it into thirds.
  • Bundle your neatly folded towels and store then in your linen cabinet. If you don’t have a designated linen cabinet, then proper bathroom vanity organization is necessary for extra storage.


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