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Neutral Wallpaper in Kitchen

Tips To Perfectly Choose And Hang Wallpaper

As you throw around different kitchen design ideas, wallpaper is sure to come into play. While choosing wallpaper can be a challenge in any room, it seems to be particularly tasking in the kitchen. Maybe it’s a lack of wall space, the fear of clashing with other elements, or just utter confusion. Whatever the reason, choosing the perfect wallpaper tends to present problems for a lot of homeowners.  

Here we’ll help you tackle choosing the right wallpaper for your kitchen, and offer some tips to properly hang it yourself.


Why Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is more difficult and expensive than paint, so it probably doesn’t sound like the most appealing option. But wallpaper is actually favored over paint for quite a few reasons. It adds instant decoration to any and all kitchen design ideas. Where all paint can give you is color, wallpaper can add color, pattern, and texture. It can also be extremely helpful when remodeling an older room. If your wall has some imperfections, paint won’t be able to cover up those bumps or cracks. Wallpaper can act as a Band-Aid, creating a smooth, flawless surface without doing any work to the plaster or dry wall.


Fun Wallpaper Pattern in KitchenWhat kind should I choose?

You will typically want to avoid loud patterns in a tranquil space like a bedroom. Bold prints and colors tend to add energy to a room. But in a kitchen, bright patterns fit right in. Don’t shy away from color or an interesting print. The kitchen is a lively room, and the perfect spot in your home to hang fun wallpaper.


When choosing kitchen wallpaper, also think about durability. You will want a washable variety that allows you to easily wipe away splashes and spills. If you’re thinking you’ll just be careful think again. It only takes one meal to ruin non-washable wallpaper.


Where should it go?


This part is totally up to you. Wallpaper can be used as an accent wall or all over. Do you have a kitchen backsplash over your sink or countertops? If so, you may want to limit wallpaper to the other walls. If your tile backsplash is already making a statement on one side of the room, adding another pattern could create chaos.

You may have also seen some of the kitchen island trends that use wallpaper to cover the sides or back of an island. Wallpaper comes in cool textures like linen, or bead board that actually looks like natural wood. These kitchen island trends bring the dimension, texture and awe of natural materials for a fraction of the cost.


How do I hang it?

When hanging wallpaper, the two biggest challenges you’ll face are getting the seams to match up and making sure you have the right amount of paper. Buying an extra roll is always a good idea, and it doesn’t hurt to have a professional come out and give you an estimate first. Hanging wallpaper is a big investment (although it also comes with great reward) so you’ll want to make sure you have the right amount to work with.


Here are some other helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • When you buy new wallpaper you expect it to be perfect, but there is always the chance of a defect. Check your paper before you begin your project by rolling it out and taking a look.
  • When cutting your paper, leave about four inches for error at the top. You can always tuck and trim any extra for a perfect finish. Same with moldings. Let the paper hang over the molding and then trim. Never try to match the size of the wallpaper perfectly.
  • To avoid a pattern mishap, start behind a door and work in one direction. This is great advice. Even if you are extra careful it is almost impossible to get a pattern to match up at the end!


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