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Autumn Table Setting and Centerpiece

How To Transition From Summer To Fall Décor

When October comes around, most of us are so ready for fall. Cooler weather, boots, pumpkin spice, and colorful leaves… the list goes on. But even though we are ready for fall, our homes are usually another story.


A lot of work goes into transitioning your home from summer to fall, and it’s not nearly as fun as shopping for warm sweaters while drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte from your favorite coffee shop. But could it be? Decorating doesn’t have to be dull, and you don’t have to think inside the box. When it comes to the living room, bedroom, and kitchen design ideas, there are many unexpected and beautiful ways to usher in the autumn season at home. After reading these tips we’re pretty sure you’ll be adding them to your list of fall favorites.


1. Kitchen Design Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite Fall Eats


Since so many fall traditions gather around eating and drinking, it makes sense to start decorating in the kitchen. Your first move is to swap out linens and curtains, which makes the most impact for the least effort.  


We suggest having two sets of kitchen fabrics, and switching them out in October and April. Bright, breezy colors work best for spring and summer, but for fall you’ll want to look for bold tones like burgundy or hunter green that warm up the room. When it doubt, find inspiration from your favorite fall eats – whether that’s a deep orange like a pumpkin pie or a rich purple like a Bordeaux Merlot.


After your kitchen fabrics are sorted, you’ll want to incorporate some seasonal décor. For the kitchen, we like natural elements such as apples, pumpkins, gourds, and colorful autumn leaves or twigs placed in vases. When searching for décor, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by all the kitchen design ideas out there. Stay within your color scheme (pick a few accent colors that compliment your kitchen fabrics, walls, and cabinets) and be strategic when placing décor. Kitchen sink window decorations, a fall item or two on top of your kitchen island, and a centerpiece for your table will be adequate. It’s not about how many decorations you have, but where you place them. 


2. Cozy Up Your Living Room And Bedrooms With A Few Fall Touches


While summer is all about being outside, fall tends to bring us back indoors. We want to enjoy those quiet moments cuddling up, and reading a book or watching a movie. Make staying in all the more magical by cozying up your living room and bedrooms.


Like in the kitchen, switching up fabrics is a great first step. In the living room, try  a new set of throw pillows and a soft, fuzzy blanket. In the bedroom, a second comforter set will instantly transition the room from those warm summer nights to crisp fall evenings.


Another quick tip is to change out your light bulbs. Swap that bright, harsh lighting for something softer. You can even try an amber or light pink bulb to really change the mood, or choose dimmable bulbs. If you don’t have a dimmer installed, getting a plug-in lamp dimmer is an easy solution. Adding candles to nightstands and coffee tables can also help you add autumn ambiance.


Autumn Wreath on a Front Door3. Warm Up The Outdoors With Exterior Accents


When the leaves start to change, so will the look of your home. Find ways to complement those new colors by adding some accents to your home’s exterior.


A colorful wreath is always a welcoming way to transition from summer to fall. There are lots of lovely styles that take inspiration from nature, but you’ll also find some lively Halloween or Thanksgiving themed options that are equally as decorative.


We also encourage making a family trip to a nearby pumpkin patch. It’s such a fun fall tradition to set in motion, and will leave you with some great decorations for your doorstep.



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