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Organizing Kitchen Cabinets Under Kitchen Sink

3 Tips For Organizing the Cabinet Under The Kitchen Sink

Most of us don’t prioritize kitchen sink organization. In fact, on the list of all of the things you want to clean or organize in your home right now we’re guessing organizing under the kitchen sink falls just about last. The reason is most likely a combination of fear and lack of urgency. What lurks under the kitchen sink is not something anyone is super excited to meet, and with a dryer full of clean clothes waiting to be folded at this very moment, there are usually more important tasks on deck.


It’s time to rethink your priorities. The cabinets below your kitchen sink are valuable storage real estate. We’re going to show you some quick and easy tips for organizing under the kitchen sink that will make doing so as routine as making your morning coffee. Are you ready to stop dodging the dark corners under the kitchen sink and start organizing? We thought so!


Tip #1: Use clear storage bins to organize items and keep them up front.


The space underneath the kitchen sink tends to be a little awkward, as storage is typically more vertical than horizontal and you’re also dealing with pipes blocking the flow. Buying a few small, stackable storage bins is a real game changer as you can take advantage of the awkward space by storing upwards rather than side-by-side. Buy clear bins to streamline organization, and it will be a lot easier to keep things sorted going forward. In your bins you can store everyday items like sponges, scouring pads, rags or dish cloths, and even dishwashing detergent pods if you use them.


Tip #2: Don’t overlook the storage on the back of your cabinet doors.


From hanging rubber gloves on a hook to a vertical door rack for storing aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and zip-top bags — there are so many ways to improve your kitchen sink organization game right on the door of your cabinets. Another smart solution is a swinging garbage can, like this round pivot-out waste container from Willow Lane Cabinetry. It fits perfectly on a sink base cabinet door and is much more convenient than trying to squeeze a standard trash can underneath the sink. If you live in an apartment or have a small kitchen, you will really appreciate this addition and the organization it brings to the room. After all, who likes looking at a garbage can while sitting at the kitchen table?


Cleaning Supplies in a BucketTip #3: Store cleaning products in a bucket for easy mobility.


Keeping multipurpose cleaner, glass cleaner and other cleaning supplies in a bucket with a handle is super helpful for a few reasons. First, when it’s time to clean the kitchen you have everything stored in one place. Second, it can easily be maneuvered to where you need to clean, with all of your products right by your side. Third, it speeds up cleaning time underneath the sink, as you can remove everything at once rather than piece by piece. It just makes sense.


Don’t neglect the valuable storage space below your kitchen sink any longer. Organizing under the kitchen sink may seem like a daunting task, but it’s one that is worth the effort.



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