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Creating A Modern Family Kitchen

Do you want to create a functional space without sacrificing style? Are you searching for kitchen design ideas that you can live with? Here are some tips for creating the perfect kitchen for today’s modern family.

Together Today

Your spouse is on the living room couch, eyes going back and forth between the television and laptop screen. Your daughter sits at the dining room table, snacking on hummus and swiping her cell phone. You stand at the kitchen countertop, browsing a recipe app, and getting things ready for a dinner. It’s a common scene for many modern families. Everyone is home, but no one is together.

Kitchen design ideas for family bonding:

  • Shopping List on a Smart PhoneOpen concept floor plans allow families to be together while still in different rooms. By creating a “great room” and combining the kitchen, living room, and dining room, walls no longer separate the common areas of the home.
  • Smart kitchens bring technology where the heart is, and can make tasks like cooking dinner or adding milk to the grocery list fun and interactive for all. Look into the different mobile technologies that are available, and consider upgrading your staple appliances to smart versions.

Easy Entertaining

Picture this: a hot, smoky kitchen with dishes piled in the sink, a cluttered countertop, and guests arriving in ten minutes. Sound familiar? Entertaining friends and family members should be a relaxing and fun experience, but when the kitchen becomes a place of chaos rather than calm, enjoying anything seems impossible.

Kitchen design ideas for party lovers:

  • Modern kitchen hoods help ventilate the room so you can grill up some chicken and sauté veggies without feeling like you are inside a steam room. Unlike designs of the past, modern kitchen hoods are actually sleek and add an aesthetic element to the room rather than appear as an eye sore. 
  • Eliminate clutter and put away small appliances by looking at what kitchen cabinet pull out ideas could work in your home. By tucking away a mixer in a cabinet, or stowing away knives in a drawer, you’ll free up countertop space for your mini bar or buffet style dinner.

No Time, No Problem

Home life is not what it was decades ago, and that’s okay. Today there are homes where both partners work, or where one person may work from home. With different and demanding responsibilities, many families feel there is less time for taking care of the household, finishing all of the necessary chores, and cooking meals. 

Open Concept Floor PlanKitchen design ideas for busy schedules:

  • Create a workstation in the kitchen for you to multitask. No need to stand idle while your oven preheats or your pasta boils. Create a small desk space where you can keep your laptop, calendar, and to-do list. Pencil in your son’s soccer games or answer those pesky emails right from the comfort of your kitchen.  
  • Find ways to streamline busywork like cleaning dishes. For example, certain kitchen sink styles are built for different functions, and the right one can cut down cleaning time. If you cook or bake a lot, deep kitchen sink styles will make washing pots and pans easier. Double sinks are useful if you hand wash frequently and want one bowl to serve as a drying rack.

Of course, the modern family kitchen will vary based on the modern family that lives there. Before diving into a remodel, take the time to address current challenges faced and determine the best solutions. By adding function and purpose to your design, everyone will be able to enjoy being home in a brand new way. 


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