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Cooking in a Small Kitchen

3 Tips To Make A Small Kitchen Seem Larger

You don’t need to fully demolish your small kitchen to make it bigger. These pro tips tap into trickery to make the space you have look and feel much more spacious than before. Here are three kitchen design ideas to make a small kitchen seem larger.


Roosevelt White with Chocolate Distress and Walnut Highlights – Willow Lane Cabinetry1. Let the light shine in.

Brighter rooms have a way of seeming more spacious and airy. While adding more windows is probably out of the question, you can still optimize the light you have.

The color white is very light friendly. That being said, any way you can incorporate white into your kitchen will help reflect the light in the room. Walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and countertops are all fair game.

To avoid your very white kitchen from seeming boring or bland, use textures, shades, and shadows to create interesting dimension. That can be done with a tile backsplash, different hues of white paint, and recessed-panel kitchen cabinets.


2. When it comes to color, less is more.

Piggybacking on our first tip, having a white kitchen does not translate to zero color. Splashes of color are definitely permitted, and can be incorporated in the kitchen through countertop or window decor, colorful backsplash tile, linens, and wall art.

The trick is to add low-contrast colors that aren’t drastically different from one another. When your eyes see a dark color and then a light, it creates an interruption. The goal is to limit interruptions by choosing colors with minimal difference. This way, your eyes move around and interpret the room as a whole rather than smaller parts.


3. Don’t overlook hidden potential.

Another tip to make your small kitchen seem larger is to utilize all the space. This includes what’s behind closed doors. This may be the best-kept secret because most visitors will never know what’s hidden in your cabinets and drawers.

What are some of our favorite kitchen cabinet pull out ideas? Lower, corner cabinets tend to waste space. They are usually underutilized to avoid necessities being pushed back into hard-to-reach areas. These cabinets are a great place for pull-out storage, allowing you to access those back items much easier, and take full advantage of the space. 

Under the sink is another hot spot. Kitchen sink organization is key in conquering clutter. Pull out wire shelves and door racks can create extra space for storing cleaning supplies that would otherwise go elsewhere.


Lazy Susan For Blind Corner Cabinet – Willow Lane CabinetryRather than an appliance garage (which conceals but still takes up countertop space), we also love a pull-out or lift up shelf for storing small appliances. It’s wise to take every inch into consideration.


We’ve always felt that the best kitchen cabinet pull out ideas for small kitchens are the ones that utilize otherwise dead space in a purposeful way. Take a look at your kitchen and find some dead space that might have a hidden potential. We think you’ll find many of the kitchen design ideas for making a small kitchen seem larger are easy, affordable and effective.

Which kitchen cabinet pull out ideas do you find work best? Have you mastered a low-contrast color scheme? Let us know in the comments which kitchen design ideas you’ve already implemented to improve your small kitchen.


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