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Predominately Red Living Room

3 Dreaded Home Decorating Don’ts!

Some of us have a natural knack for decorating. Some of us don’t. Luckily decorating isn’t one of those things in life that requires natural born talent. By following some basic tips (and avoiding these dreaded decorating don’ts), no one will be the wiser to your less than spot-on skills.

Here are three home decorating don’ts you’ll definitely want to avoid, plus a few kitchen design ideas to get you on the right track:


Homeowner Hanging Artwork Haphazardly1. Hanging Artwork Haphazardly   

Finding that perfect piece of artwork can feel like Mission Impossible. It only happens when luck and inspiration meet. But thankfully when you reach that crossroad you know right away — “That’s the one!” Bringing it home should feel like the ultimate victory, but then you face a new conundrum — “Where do I hang this?”


Thoughtlessly hanging a piece of art is a home decorating don’t. While your confusion is warranted, it can easily be cleared up with these tips.

  • Find balance: Consider the other elements in the room. For example, if you’re hanging a painting above a couch or bed you will want your artwork to feel complementary to the size and position of the furniture. You may need to take a large picture frame off a nightstand or add accenting wall décor on either side of the painting to find balance.
  • Keep it eye level: Your painting shouldn’t be hung too high or low. Aim for a comfortable eye level so you can enjoy the painting in natural view.
  • Borrow another set of eyes: Hanging art is a two-person job, so always enlist the help of another person. Finding the right positioning for a new piece of wall décor will end up much better with a second set of eyes.  


2. Picking The Wrong Color Scheme

Your favorite color is blue, which is great. You pick a tropical aqua paint color that reminds you of the cruise you took last year, and a navy couch that looks like one you saw in a magazine that was just so chic. Everything feels under control, until you see a turquoise coffee table at Home Goods and can’t help yourself. Next thing you know there are royal blue glass seahorses on your side table, and you feel like you’ve taken a dive into the deep end and have forgotten how to swim.

Relax. Color is no easy feat but can be navigated just fine when a few simple rules are followed.

  • Stick to three: There are way too many shades of blue (and every other color for that matter) for you to allow “blue” to be your color scheme. Stick to three shades — one anchor and two accents. Your anchor should be neutral, like grey or tan, and serve as the foundation to build your beautiful color scheme. Accents are best bright and vibrant, like lime green and navy, and should complement each other as well as their anchor.
  • Follow the 60-30-10 rule: Once you’ve chosen your colors, use this popular percentage rule to determine how to divide the room. Your anchor color should obviously take the 60%, and one accent color should be heavier than the other.


Designing The Perfect Kitchen Online3. Designing Someone Else’s Perfect Kitchen

You’ve flipped through the magazines, searched the internet, and spent a minute or two clicking around Pinterest. You’ve seen dozens of dream kitchens, so it’s no wonder you want one for yourself.

The problem with this is that all of your kitchen design ideas are based off of someone else’s perfect kitchen. By recreating someone else’s dream design, you are building a room that is all fantasy and little function. Nothing screams decorating disaster louder than a room that feels nothing like its owners.

You need to use your favorite kitchen design ideas as inspiration, and then figure out how you can incorporate these standout elements into your own home. By leading with function, you’ll be able to create a space that looks amazing and also looks like you.

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