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How To Prep Your Walls For Painting

There are a few steps between picking out that perfect wall color and painting. You may have a million home and kitchen design ideas running through your mind, and you are probably anxious to get started. We get that! And while paint is probably the easiest and most affordable way to change the look of a room, before you even think about opening that can of paint you need to prep. From swatches and tools, to priming and painting, get ready to roll with these helpful tips from Willow Lane Cabinetry.

Color It Beautiful

Before you choose the color, narrow it down to one or two shades and buy a sample or two. Most paint stores sell quart-sized cans that allow you to test colors out on your walls before investing in multiple gallons. Paint large swatches around the room to see how the color looks in different lighting throughout the day and night, and how it flows with adjoining rooms. As patchy as it may look, live with the sample swatches for a few days before making your final decision. Once you settle on that perfect color for your space, figure out how much paint you need based on square footage. Round up so you have enough to save for touch ups — besides, the last thing you want to have happen is to run out of paint mid-job. Most quality paints are self-priming, but if you are going for a big color change such as deep red to pale gray, you will want to prime first.

Blue Painter's TapeGather Your Tools

In addition to enough paint, you will need drop cloths, painter’s tape, spackling paste, a putty knife, medium grit sandpaper, a screwdriver, rags, a small bucket of clean water, a metal roller tray with a disposable plastic liner for easy cleanup, a 9-inch roller and sleeve, and of course paintbrushes. We recommend a two and a half inch angled, synthetic bristle brush for cutting in, and a smaller angled brush for tight places.

Prep For Success

Now that you have your paint and tools at the ready, it’s time to remove any pictures, and all the outlet and light-switch covers from the walls to be painted. Take lamps and breakables to a safe location in another room, and then move the furniture to the center of the room if possible. Cover the furniture with plastic drop cloths, and line the floors with carboard or canvas drop cloths to protect from spills, drips and splatters. Patch any holes or cracks in the walls. Allow the spackle to dry before sanding smooth, and cleaning any dust with a damp rag. Using painter’s tape, tape around the ceiling, windows, baseboards, floors, chair rails, and trim to easily ensure crisp edges.

Now it’s time to get painting and enjoy your beautiful new space!


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