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Open Floor Plan

Working With An Open Floor Plan


Open Floor Plan

You’re probably familiar with an open floor plan or open concept kitchen. If not, it simply refers to the idea of eliminating divides between the kitchen and living room, dining room or both. Along with creating more space, encouraging bonding between families, and making entertaining a lot more enjoyable, an open floor plan also looks really cool and contemporary. If you’ve been flirting with the idea of remodeling your kitchen to incorporate an open floor plan, here are some easy solutions that will help you transition.

Choose Complementary Colors

Open Concept Wood FlooringWhen your kitchen and living room are one room, you have to treat them that way. The colors in your kitchen must complement those in your living room to achieve cohesiveness and avoid awkward transitions. Now, don’t construe this as meaning that your kitchen and living room have to match. That’s not necessary, and could actually have the opposite effect that you’re striving for. Instead, find a few colors in your kitchen and use those as a guide or color palette when making selections in your living room. This could mean rich brown throw pillows that accent the espresso kitchen cabinets on the other side of the room, or a soft grey area rug that picks up on the tones in your marble countertop.

Let The Walls Guide You

One of the easiest ways to make your open floor plan stick is to keep paint colors consistent throughout the kitchen and living room. When the walls that adjoin the kitchen and living room are the same color, it instantly translates that this is one “great room” and eliminates any confusion that can occur. Your eyes will lead you from the kitchen island right to the couch, without any disruption or pause. This idea also works with flooring. By maintaining the same floor material throughout the kitchen and living room, it helps to create a cohesive whole. If you have tile in the kitchen and hardwood floors in the living room, you are going to lose a lot of the luster that comes with the visual presentation of an open floor plan.

Understand that “Open” Doesn’t Have to Mean Completely Open

Kitchen IslandOne common misunderstanding when it comes to open floor plans is that there can’t be any divide between the kitchen and living room. This is far from true. There are many ways to join the two rooms, while also incorporating some form of separation — The most popular and visually pleasing options being a kitchen island or the building of partial walls. A kitchen island works wonderfully because it has a clear purpose and doesn’t feel like a strictly decorative item. You get more countertop space and seating, while also creating a partial boundary between the kitchen and living room. Likewise, partial walls allow for the room to be visually one, while still creating an active border between the two areas. Couches, side tables, and other furniture can also provide less permanent options for creating a substantial but simple divide.

Now that we’ve discussed three solutions for transitioning your kitchen to an open floor plan, it’s time to get started with your remodel. Take advantage of our free kitchen design service and let us help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

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