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Privet Privacy Hedge

5 Privacy Solutions For The Backyard

You bought a home for the extra space and privacy, but now that you’re settled in you realize your neighbors are a lot closer than you thought. Fear not! There are tons of creative ways to carve out your territory and make your backyard feel more intimate, including creating an cozy outdoor kitchen to enjoy meals al fresco with your family!

1. Plant Your Way to Privacy

Creating a border with plants or shrubs gives your backyard more greenery and your family more privacy. Whether you are looking to build a complete shield or something semi-hidden, you can find every level of privacy with plants. To achieve total seclusion, go with privet hedges. They are very dense, tall (they will reach at least four feet high), and they grow quickly. It’s the best way to achieve total privacy without erecting a fence. If you just want to make your backyard a little more concealed, you could opt for layering plants of all shapes and sizes. Outsiders may be able to see in here or there, but the overall feel will be removed, and the beautiful landscaping could be worth the compromise.

2. Create a Border of Pots

If your backyard is mostly a deck, or concrete surrounding a pool, you might think your planting options are limited. You can actually achieve a similar effect as mentioned before by creating a border of potted plants around the areas that get the most traffic. Whether that is the outskirts of your pool or the seating area on your deck, a few strategically arranged planter boxes will form a boundary around the perimeter for an added layer of privacy.

3. Mix and Match Materials

Stone Wall for Backyard Privacy

If the idea of a six-foot fence just doesn’t appeal to you, we have a solution. By combining materials, you can create a welcoming and visually pleasing privacy option. A popular idea is to do a few feet of stone wall from the ground up, and then finish with a few feet of a picket or lattice fence. You get your personal space and your home gets an extra bit of charm. We guarantee you’ll feel like your fence is more for décor than it is for cover.

4. Invest in an Awning

Even though you may not be thinking of shielding your home from the top down, an awning is a great way to cover your deck or outdoor dining area. You will love your awning for the privacy it provides, as well as the protection from sun, rain and other elements that take a toll on your outdoor time throughout the year.

5. Install a Fountain

Backyard Garden Fountain

Sometimes you want to block out the noise of your neighbors more than their partial view of your property! Installing a water fountain in your backyard is a peaceful way to create a sound barrier and also add a little ambiance to your backyard.


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