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Society Shaker Sage with Brushed Chocolate Glaze – Willow Lane Cabinetry

The Recipe For Creating A Gourmet Kitchen

Society Shaker Sage with Brushed Chocolate Glaze – Willow Lane Cabinetry


Are you dreaming of a kitchen fit for a foodie? Before you make your dreams a reality, take some time learn about the must-haves of a gourmet kitchen, whether you are a Master Chef, or a homeowner who just really loves to cook!

Start by thinking about the kinds of dishes you like to prepare. Do you dabble in the art of French cooking? Did your Grandmother pass down her famous family recipes to you? Are you a budding pastry chef or cake decorator? Do you like to invite friends over for a home-cooked dinner, or coffee and some freshly baked pie?

Next, consider your new or current floor plan, what you like about it, and what you want to change. If your family likes to help with meal prep, is there enough room for everyone? What tools and appliances do you need and will they fit in your space? Is there ample room for cabinets, or a kitchen island and the extra countertop it affords? Is there plenty of seating options for guests?

Once you review how you use the kitchen, it’s time to make some important decisions. If you are building a new home, or remodeling an existing space, Willow Lane Cabinetry’s Free Kitchen Design Service can help you along the way, but having a clear set of goals will make sure nothing gets left off the plate.

A Taste Of The Gourmet

A Gourmet Kitchen should be both beautiful and functional, with zones for food prep, cooking and baking, serving, and cleaning up when you’re done. Quality kitchen cabinets, high-performance appliances, easy to clean surfaces with plenty of room to work, storage space for cookware, utensils, and other tools of the trade, plus designated areas to keep important ingredients on hand — all these are necessary in a gourmet kitchen. Here are some key features:

A Professional Grade Range: Gourmet cooks prefer gas ranges, or flat induction cooktops that heat quickly and efficiently.

A Double Oven: Because two is better than one when it comes to baking or cooking for a crowd.

A Warming Drawer: A warming drawer allows you keep food warm and fresh until it’s ready to serve with the rest of the meal, so everything is timed perfectly no matter what.

Convection: This option for both ovens and microwaves circulates air around the food to cut down on cook time and ensure an even distribution of heat.

French-Door Refrigerator with Freezer Drawer: The French-door style allows cooks easy access to what’s inside. A freezer drawer offers plenty of space with an ergonomic design.

Dishwasher: A good dishwasher is a must-have for busy kitchens. After all, cooking is way more fun than cleaning.

Countertops: Your countertop is your main workspace. It should be abundant and easy to clean. For durability and stain-resistance, opt for quartz, granite, or stainless steel.

Task Lighting: Both pendant and under cabinet lighting focus on areas where meal prep and cooking happen, so you can see while you work.

Large or Double Sinks: A large sink lets you get all the dirty pots, pans and utensils out of the way while you cook, and simplifies cleanup later.

Tile Backsplash: An easy to clean tile backsplash catches the platters when pan frying, or cooking sauces.

A Kitchen Hood: Functional and attractive, a hood can vent out steam and odors when cooking, and can illuminate the cooktop.

Accessible Spices: Place a spice tray in a drawer near the stove to keep seasonings on hand, or install a door-mounted spice rack for added convenience.

Knife Block: Chefs know knives are their most valuable tools. A trimmable knife block fits in any drawer to store knives nearby for easy access.

Cookware Organizer: Install a hanging pot rack or inside cabinet cookware organizer for all your pots and pans.

Now that you know the recipe for creating a Gourmet Kitchen, let’s get cooking!

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