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Laundry Room with Cabinetry

5 Simple Laundry Room Solutions


Laundry Room with Cabinetry






Feeling like your laundry room needs a little TLC? Unsure of what you can do to better organize and decorate such a small but important space? There are a number of ways you can take control and utilize your space to the fullest extent. Here are a few simple laundry room solutions to help you get started:

The Right Appliances

If you are still at the point where you are looking for a washer and dryer, or are overdue for a new one soon, then consider installing a stackable or all-in-one machine. This will leave open space available for adding vertical shelves, storage towers, ironing boards, and more. You could also install flip-down drying racks or drop-down utility tables. If you opt for contemporary side-by-side units, upper cabinetry is a great solution to house detergents, your iron, and other household needs. For front loaders, you can even install a floating countertop above, for folding clean clothes.

Smart Shelving

Natural Wood Top Portable Kitchen Cart/Island in White Finish – Willow Lane CabinetryOpen wall shelving combined with bins and baskets can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your laundry room organized and accessible. If you prefer to hide necessities neatly behind closed doors, consider hanging a pair of upper kitchen cabinets above the washer and dryer. This space-saving solution also keeps your items dust and lint-free. If you have a traditional top-loading washer, and a little bit of room to spare, a portable island or cart can be a clever addition to your laundry room. Perfect for storing baskets and cleaning supplies on the open shelves or inside cabinets, the top can also double as a folding area for clothes coming right out of the dryer.

Simple Storage SolutionThree Clothes Hampers

Have extra floor space you’re not sure what to do with? As an alternative to large and unattractive laundry baskets on the floor, add two or three pretty hampers with lids to coral dirty clothes instead. Designating separate laundry bins for colors, whites and darks helps make washing time more efficient, and hides those unsightly (and not-so-pleasant smelling) piles of worn clothing.

Designated Drying

Keep in mind that some clothing needs to avoid the heat of the dryer. Take advantage of extra wall space, and install pretty and functional bars and hooks for hanging damp clothing to dry, or add an open shelf with a bar that allows for hangers to slide.

Play Up the Pretty

Give your laundry room a fresh coat of paint in a cheerful color. Search online sites like Pinterest and Houzz for ideas as to how to organize your laundry room in pretty and creative ways. If you’re good at crafting, create DIY signs with fun slogans, such as “lonely socks seeking soulmates” with clothespins for lost socks. Store pods and powder detergents in glass penny candy jars. Keep a piggy bank on hand for lost coins, or a small decorative trashcan for containing lint and used dryer sheets. Family photographs or childrens’ artwork also instantly add personality to a workspace.

When it comes to freshening up your laundry room, there are a variety of small steps you can take to help you get started. Consider these simple solutions to give your space the makeover it needs and deserves.

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