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Mixed Color Kitchen Cabinets Styles

How to Mix Different Cabinet Styles in Your Kitchen

If the thought of incorporating more than one style of cabinets in your kitchen sounds crazy, you may want to think again! This top trend is making its way into homes all over the world, and when you learn a little more about it, you’ll understand why it’s so incredibly popular — and you’ll know how to do it right!

3 Rules To Follow

Mixing and matching cabinets refers to the design concept of using more than one style or finish to make up your cabinet set. There are many ways to go about this, but the goal should always be consistency, simplicity and balance.

Consistency: Choose styles that complement each other, but also meld with the theme of your kitchen. Whenever you’re incorporating a somewhat out-of-the-box design element, it’s important that it doesn’t interfere with the overall vision. Being consistent with every decision in your remodel will ensure you get the results you want. The Free Kitchen Design Service at Willow Lane Cabinetry can help you along the way.

Simplicity: Try not to mix more than three styles (two if you have a smaller kitchen). Overboard means overdone and turns an interesting feature into a questionable choice. Keep it simple and limit your focal points to a few great pieces or additions.

Balance: We’ll get more into this later, but deciding exactly where each cabinet style will go in your design is very important. It will eliminate the possibility of cabinets competing for attention and creating chaos in your kitchen. Take advantage of the Free Kitchen Design Service at Willow Lane Cabinetry to get a solid visual of what your final layout will look like.

When It Works

Using multiple cabinet styles works for almost every kitchen theme, from vintage to contemporary. The key is to mix with purpose so that your cabinetry still looks cohesive, even with the inclusion of different styles or finishes. Best practice is to keep styles separate rather than side-by-side. This would just look disorderly (and about as crazy as you imagined when we first introduced the idea). Instead, plan your layout in sections. For example, if you were going with three cabinet styles you would put one along one wall, one along the other, and the third would be your kitchen island. This way you achieve the dimension and diversity, without the disorder.

How To Choose

Mixing and matching cabinet styles is not an official art but it should be. You need great taste and patience — or at least good guidance! The easiest and most efficient way to mix and match is to pick one style (for example, traditional raised panel cabinetry) and two colors (for example, white and dark cherry). If you want to get more advanced you can mix styles within the same theme (for example, stick to traditional style cabinets but in two different door designs) and then add in your color choices. As a rule of thumb, try not to match two cabinets that are clearly different styles, such as traditional, raised panel with modern, flat panel cabinets.

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Written by Korrie.  Korrie Martinez is a self proclaimed DIY pro with an eye for design and a craft for finding simple solutions to homeowner’s common concerns. Her articles offer tips and trends to help The RTA Store’s customers achieve the home of their dreams on a balanced budget. Follow Korrie on Instagram and Twitter @kokonez or visit her website