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Roosevelt Sage – Willow Lane Cabinetry

How To Create Vintage Style In Your Kitchen

How To Create Vintage Style In Your Kitchen


Vintage style can complement many kitchen themes, from country charm to modern flair. The key is to find balance by adding just the right amount of retro touches so that the space looks intentional, not tacky. Here are a few of our favorite ways to turn your current kitchen into a vintage masterpiece.

Add color in unexpected ways.

Retro Stand Mixer

Most kitchens tend to lean toward the traditional side, featuring neutral shades and sleek features. For a vintage style kitchen, color is everything, and there are plenty of fun and unexpected ways to add color to your kitchen. Stay away from typical black appliances, and opt for a bright, colorful stand mixer, toaster or coffee maker to display on your countertop.

Incorporate flea market finds.

Hit up your local flea market or thrift store to score a few antique pieces that can help bring your vintage theme to life. Stools for your breakfast bar or kitchen island, vintage linens, pendant light fixtures, and unique wall art are just a few of the items that should be plentiful no matter where you live.

Choose cheerful cabinets.

Roosevelt Sage – Willow Lane CabinetryIf you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets, choose cheerful finishes to complete your look, such as Willow Lane Cabinetry’s Society Shaker Red, Society Shaker Tidewater, or Roosevelt Sage. If you want to give existing cabinets a vintage feel, add a little extra wear and tear by layering paint and using a rag to rough up the surface. Choose a bright color to complement your theme without being too overwhelming.

Utilize open shelving to display theme related décor.

Society Shaker Red – Willow Lane CabinetryOpen shelving not only adds to the rustic, bare ambiance of a vintage kitchen, but it also serves as the perfect solution for displaying décor without creating too much clutter. If you need decoration inspiration, simply use glass jars or enameled canisters to store candy, cookies or baking ingredients to store on shelves.

Find ways to make the room more retro.

At its core, a vintage theme should be an ode to an earlier time. Make sure your room has a few blasts from the past so that it is authentic and eye catching. Retro touches can be as simple as kitsch curtains or a colorful printed tablecloth, or as extreme as a refurbished vintage oven or refrigerator.

Hook in nostalgic items for décor and sweet memories.

Your vintage theme can hold memories of time spent at grandma’s house or the kitchen you grew up in as a kid. Favorite cookbooks on display, a checkered apron hanging from a hook on the wall, framed photographs of family coming together to share a meal — whatever warms your heart from the past is a true complement to your vintage style kitchen.

Create a cozy and casual ambiance.

A vintage kitchen should be the opposite of highbrow. It should welcome guests to come inside, take a seat and make themselves right at home. Warm up your kitchen by installing a window bench accented with plush pillows or circling your kitchen island with comfortable stools.

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